Step 1 Student’s Book

Lessons A, B, and C are done in the classroom. The classroom material provides:

Clear learning goals

'Can do' statements in the unit openers immediately focus learners on their objectives.

Learner Engagement

Each unit opens with striking images to provoke curiosity and raise questions in the minds of the students so they are immediately engaged.

Texts and topics have been chosen to be relevant to students’ lives and are based on real information and memorable facts.

Entertaining video filmed in realistic contexts presents useful everyday English and conversation strategies.

Real-world communication

Empower offers a special focus on productive skills, with a Speaking and Writing lesson in every unit, to prepare learners for effective real-world communication.

Manageable Learning

The Cambridge English Empower course syllabus is informed by English Profile and the Cambridge English Corpus and is carefully benchmarked to the CEFR.

This ensures that students encounter the most relevant and useful language at the right point in their learning.


Academic Skills Plus

Classroom lessons focusing on light academic skills and language

4 levels (B1, B1+, B2, C1), a lesson for every unit focusing on all four skills plus language for academic purposes.

Reading lessons including "Reading Extension", offering an optional additional text and activities.

Syllabus informed by feedback from teachers of English in university contexts.

Use it as well as, or instead of, lesson D of the Student's Book.

With full teacher's notes and additional tips and ideas.

Available as free photocopiable PDFs from the Resource section of the website and in the Cambridge Learning Management System 'CLMS' Teacher Resource section.

Academic Skills Online Practice

Extra practice of academic listening and reading skills

Light academic listening and reading skills, plus a focus on key language.

Texts and audio recordings reflect real-life academic genres.

Complements the classroom lessons but also suitable for self-study.

Available to all students using the Empower CLMS.

Scores are included in the CLMS gradebook.

Reading Plus

Extra reading lessons to complement the Student's Book

Longer and more challenging reading texts with activities, to use in class as an extra lesson.

Offering a greater level of challenge for students who need it.

5 levels (A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1).

Available as free photocopiable PDFs on the website, and in the Empower CLMS Teacher Resource section.

Quiz your English App

Mobile language practice for students to use 'on the go'.

Fun practice, based on the Empower language syllabus.

Compete against other students from around the world.

Includes grammar, vocabulary, and functional language.

Three levels: A1/A2, B1/B1+, and B2/C1.

Available for free in the App Store.

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